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2008 Meeting of the North Carolina Branch of the American Society for Microbiology

Sponsors & Vendors:


Guilford College
(Melanie Lee-Brown)



Nikon Instruments
(Larry Kordon)



The American Society
for Microbiology




Association of
Southeastern Biologists
(Tim Atkinson)



Fisher Scientific
(Tim Stewart)


ISC BioExpress
(Rob Blackman)


Friday, October 10th, 2008. Registration at 8:00am, meeting 8:45am to 5:00pm


Frank Family Science Center (FFSC), Guilford College, in Greensboro, NC. Visitor information includes the address and other useful information about Guilford College. Google Earth link to the Frank Family Science Center includes a map and the ability to get directions.

Parking is available in the CCE Northwest Communter parking lot, across from the entrance to the FFSC. Overflow parking is in the Hendricks Binford parking lot across from another entrance to the building. (The Google link above has this marked.) You will need a no-cost parking pass (download below & print, or pick one up at the registration desk).


The one-day meeting is located in the central part of the state so that most participants can travel to and from the meeting without need for overnight accommodations. However, those who wish to travel to Greensboro the evening before the meeting (i.e. Thursday October 9th) can get the group rate of $63.75 at the nearby Clarion Hotel (336/315-1533).

Frack Family Science Center


(Registration for the meeting is no longer open.)


The meeting registration fee is $10. If you joined or renewed your NC ASM membership when you joined or renewed your membership this year in the national ASM, then this $10 is the only cost for the meeting. Registrants will receive a program (including abstracts and attendee roster), a box lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments.

If you are not an NC ASM member for 2008, there is an additional $10 membership fee (this is the same fee the national ASM charges), for a total of $20.

The Registration and/or membership fee is payable at the door, or you can click on the appropriate button below to pay with PayPal or credit card (using PayPal):

(Meeting payment is no longer available)


The day-long event will be a mix of about a dozen short talks, the plenary and NC invited speakers, and about two dozen poster presentations.

8:00 Registration
Poster and talk set-up
Coffee break
Award Committees meeting/organization
8:45 Melanie Lee-Brown Welcome & Introductory comments
Session 1 : Melanie Lee-Brown, Chair
9:00 Kristina Brzoza-Lewis Roles of MyD88 and type I IFN signaling in Listeria induced DC maturation


Kendra Hitz
Poston Award Winner!
Expression of ahpCD and katE is coordinately regulated by OxyR and Irr in Brucella abortus 2308
9:30 Neelima Sukumar Immunization with Bordetella Colonization Factor A (BcfA) Protects Mice against Respiratory Challenge with Bordetella bronchiseptica.
9:45 Ossie Dyson Establishing a Link between Cellular Attachment and KSHV Reactivation
10:00 Poster Session 1 (unattended)
Coffee Break
Session 2 : Daniel Williams, chair
10:45 Kenny Kuo Role of SsrA after transcription blockage induced by protein-DNA crosslinks
11:00 Adam Kulp Independent mechanisms of envelope stress relief via bacterial outer membrane vesicles
11:15 Alice Lee
Melton Award Winner!
The Use of Archaeal Extremophile Genes to Dampen ROS Signaling in Plant Systems
11:30 Soo Chan Lee Microsporidia evolved from ancestral sexual fungi
11:45 Eric Anderson A B. abortus mutant lacking a homolog of the rhizobial iron regulator RirA displays altered iron acquisition in vitro and significant attenuation in experimentally infected mice
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Poster session 2 (Even numbered posters should be attended)
Session 3 : Kathy Zarilla, Chair
1:30 Ann Mathysse Binding of Escherichia coli O157:H7 to cut lettuce leaves.
1:45 MD Motaleb Motility and chemotaxis in the pathogenesis of Lyme disease
2:00 Deborah Threadgill The General System of Protein Glycosylation in Campylobacter Species
2:15 Margaret Kanipes
NC Invitational Talk
Analysis of Campylobacter Lipooligosaccharides
2:50 Intermission
Plenary Session : Kathy Zarilla, Chair
3:00 Eugene Madsen
ASM Branch Lecture
Bioremediation Demystified: Microbial roles and molecular insights
4:00 Poster session 3 (Odd numbered posters should be attended)
Coffee break
4:45 Kathy Zarilla Concluding remarks
Award presentations
5:00 Jim Brown Business meeting
Officer election
5:30 Adjournment

Eugne Madsen
The Keynote Address will be given by Eugene Madsen,
Associate Professor in the Section of Microbiology at Cornell University. Dr. Madsen was trained at the undergraduate level with bachelor's degrees in Chemistry (University of California at Santa Cruz) and soil science (Oregon State University). For his graduate education, he studied Rhizobium ecology in soil (MS) and metabolism of organic pollutants (Ph.D.) at Cornell University. Interest in field work led Madsen to a postdoctoral fellowship at Rutgers University where he studied transformation of iron and sulfur in fresh water streams. Interests in anaerobic metabolism of groundwater pollutants led to a postdoctoral appointment at Penn State University. A desire to explore the northwest led Madsen to an appointment as Senior Microbiologist at an environmental restoration firm in Bozeman Montana. After a year in industry Madsen accepted an appointment at Cornell that led to his current position. His ongoing research projects have objectives that include characterizing soil and subsurface (ground water) microorganisms and their activities, use of molecular biology in discerning mechanisms of metabolic adaptation to pollutant compounds, understanding geochemical and physiological characteristics which both prevent and foster microbial activity, and developing a rapport with the biogeochemistry of field sites so that realism is an integral part of conceptual advancements in environmental microbiology.
The North Carolina Invitational speaker will be Margaret Kanipes, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at NC A&T State University (NCAT). Dr. Kanipes earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from North Carolina A&T State University and her doctoral degree in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University. She did postdoctoral training in the Department of Biochemistry in the School of Medicine at Duke University. Before joining the faculty at NCAT, she was an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Fayetteville State University. She currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Chemistry at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Research in her lab focuses on three aspects of pathogenesis by Campylobacter species: lipooligosaccharide core diversity in C. coli, genotyping/strain identification of C. jejuni, and lipooligosaccharide assembly in C. jejuni.

Poster presentations

Robert Bastidas
Best Poster Award Winner!
Tor signaling regulates cell-cell adhesion in Candida albicans
Suzanna Brauer Peptide-based probe capture of Mn oxides and associated bacteria at Loihi Seamount, Hawaii
John Bucci Use of T-RFLP Analysis to Categorize the Microbial Diversity Found in Native Bivalve Streams in a North Carolina River Basin
Edmond Byrnes III Australia to North America: Implications for the global spread of Cryptococcus gattii based on a select VGI genotype
Catherine Clodfelter Analyzing ‘donuts’ for flagellar force production trends during regeneration in Chlamydomonas reinhardtti
Anthony Devine Tracking Microbial Populations in Swine Waste Lagoons in Eastern North Carolina Using Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis
Jimmy Gosse Nanoporous Latex Coatings Containing Rhodopseudomonas palustris Pigment Mutants Spatially Distributed for Hydrogen Production
Kristin Johnson Bacterial Community Analysis of a High Altitude Wetland Disturbed by Iron and Manganese
Rosemary Le Characterization of an A. salmonicida bacteriophage isolated from a NC trout population
Charles Li Investigation of the sex locus of a basal fungus, Mucor circinelloides
Zachary Parker Quantification of polyamines and NspC gene expression in Vibrio cholerae
Amanda Redfern
& Caitlin Baber
The Isolation and Identification of a Bacterium that causes bent neck in Roses
Matt Schrenk Deep Biosphere Research at East Carolina University
Amanda Tarnowicz
Phibbs Award Winner!
Characterization of the Role of Two Genes in the Binding of Agrobacterium tumefaciens to Plant Surfaces
Nicholas Walter Elucidation of Polyamine Synthesis and Transport Sytems in Vibrio cholerae
Latoya Mitchell Differential Responses of Dendritic Cell Subsets to the Intracellular Bacterial Pathogen, Listeria monocytogenes
Marianna Feretzaki A Molecular Dissection of the Cryptococcus Unisexual Reproduction Cascade
Evan A. Menscher A Brucella abortus Fur homolog regulates manganese dependent expression of the divalent cation transporter mntH.
Michele K.H.Malotky Elucidation of possible target receptors for the Estrogenic Endocrine Disrupting Chemical (EEDC) Bisphenol A in the soil nematode, Caenorhabitis elegans.
Keisha Findley Evolution of MAT and Sexual Reproduction in the Cryptococcus Species Complex


The meeting will be concluded by a brief business meeting, including the election of new officers. The nominees to date are:

  • President-elect (currently Kathy Zarilla, Durham Tech) :
    Nominated: Daniel Williams (NC Central)

  • Secretary (currently Jim Brown, NC State) :
    Jim has volunteered to continue, no other nominees

  • Treasurer (currently Gerry Luginbuhl, NC State) :
    Gerry has volunteered to continue, no other nominees

  • Councilor (Sherrice Allen, Fayetteville State) :
    Sherrice has voluntered to continue, no other nominees.

  • Alternate Councilor (currently Wrennie Edwards, NC State) :
    Wrennie has volunteered to continue, no other nominees

If you would like to nominate someone or volunteer to run for office, please feel free to do so by email to Jim Brown.

Presentation Awards:

Web Links:

Printed material:

Organizing Committee:

Melanie Lee-Brown (President)
Kathy Zarilla (President-elect)
James W. Brown (Secretary)
Geraldine Luginbuhl (Treasurer)
Wrennie Edwards (Alternate Councelor)


Kathy Zarilla, Ph.D.
Durham Technical Community College
1637 Lawson Street
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: 919/686-3628

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