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Mary Poston Award

The Mary Poston Award was established to recognize the best paper given by a student at meetings of the NC Branch of the ASM. Mary Poston was a longtime employee of Duke University who contributed much to the NC Branch and she was held in high esteem both by her colleagues and by medical students. She contributed much to the NC Branch, including service as Branch Secretary-Treasurer from 1950 until her death in 1961. Many letters of appreciation have been written over the years by student recipients of the Mary Poston Award, commenting on the confidence the award gave them and on the importance of the competition for the award as part of their graduate training.

Mary Poston Best Student Paper Awards

2015 Fall Brittany Miller UNC-Chapel Hill
2014 Fall Christopher Ward &
Jerome McKay
Duke University
Wake Forest University
2013 Fall Macela Kokes UNC-Chapel Hill
2012 Fall Maria White UNC-Wilmington
2011 Fall Rachel Krasich
Duke University
2010 Fall Gökhan Tolun
UNC-Chapel Hill
2009 Fall Ine Jorgensen
Duke University
2008 Fall Kendra Hitz
East Carolina University
2007 Fall Elizabeth Waligora
Wake Forest University
2006 Fall Dilan Weerakoon North Carolina State University
2005 Fall Michael Hornback East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine
2004 Fall Jennifer Pohlhaus Duke University Medical Center
2003 Fall Joseph M. Thompson UNC- Chapel Hill
2002 Fall Deborah Ramsey Wake Forest University
2001 Spring Deborah Ramsey Wake Forest University
1999 Spring Chris Learn Wake Forest University
1998 Spring Kristina Peachman Wake Forest University
1997 Spring Kim Koslowski East Carolina University
1996 Spring Gena Tribble East Carolina University
1995 Fall Melanie MacDonald North Carolina State University
1995 Spring Adrian Clark Salem College
1994 Fall John M. Hardham University of North Carolina
1994 Spring Holly J. Durham North Carolina State University
1993 Fall Catherine E. Jozwik North Carolina State University
1990 Fall G. A. Barkocy-Gallagher University of North Carolina
1988 Fall Michael Turnage East Carolina University
1988 Fall Dale Ludwig East Carolina University
1988 Fall William Meyer North Carolina State University
1986 Fall Barry R. Stripp East Carolina University
1986 Fall Katrina Howard North Carolina Central University
1985 Fall Jeffrey W. Barton North Carolina State University
1985 Fall Marybeth Howard University of North Carolina
1985 Spring Greg A. Howe East Carolina University
1984 Spring Mary Lampe University of North Carolina
1983 Fall P. Walker Russell East Carolina University
1983 Fall Christopher A. Pennell University of North Carolina
1982 Fall Claudia Emery North Carolina State University
1982 Spring John. M. Giblin UNC-Charlotte
1981 Fall Scott D. Wilson Wake Forest University
1981 Spring Cynthia Freitag North Carolina State University
1980 Fall R. A. Respess Wake Forest University
1980 Spring James G. Harmon North Carolina State University
1979 Fall Emmett Schmidt Duke University
1979 Spring William Goldman University of North Carolina
1978 Fall Elinor V. Hanson North Carolina State University
1978 Spring Nancy Haigwood University of North Carolina
1977 Fall Jeffrey S. Miller East Carolina University
1977 Spring Harry Prince University of North Carolina
1976 Fall Douglas Rabert North Carolina State University
1976 Spring Mary Roberts Bowman Gray, Wake Forest
1976 Spring Linda Van Eldok Duke University
1975 Fall Francine B. Perler University of North Carolina
1975 Spring Exeen Morgan Duke University
1974 Fall Mario Marcon Bowman Gray, Wake Forest
1974 Spring H. Lee Leary North Carolina State University
1973 Fall J. R. Nevens Duke University
1973 Fall Phyllis Melvin Bowman Gray, Wake Forest
1973 Spring Mary Wozny North Carolina State University
1972 Fall Alan C. Herman Duke University
1971 Spring I. R. H. Welsh University of North Carolina
1970 Spring Geraldine Robinson University of North Carolina
1969 Spring Peter M. McGuire University of North Carolina
1968 Fall Paul Goldenbaum North Carolina State University
1968 Spring Denise D. Dalton University of North Carolina
1967 Fall Sally K. Parsons Duke University
1967 Spring J. W. Lawson University of North Carolina
1966 Fall D. J. Evans Bowman Gray, Wake Forest

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